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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
It would be interesting to show the conflict from both parts - Charles trying to prevent The Brotherhood from commiting terrorist acts while he still feels related to Raven as a sister; Raven trying to set her Mystique persona and forcing herself to look at Charles as kind of an "enemy" to the cause, but still caring about him?
I can see it going that way for sure, with lots of conflicted emotions on both sides.

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
An interesting solution would be Mystique feeling so conflicted that she has to ask Emma to erase her mind of her memories of Charles, because otherwise she wouldn't be able to go on and serve the Brotherhood "cause". It would explain why she acted as if she had never had any kinship to him at all in later films.
That would explain it from Mystique's point of view, but it wouldn't explain why there was no concern or any hint of a past relationship on Charles' part. I can't believe that he would just completely forget about Raven's existence when he still wouldn't cut off Erik after everything Erik had done. Even if Charles accepted that Raven was gone from his life and didn't try to contact her or anything I'd still expect something from him. That entire relationship from First Class simply doesn't fit in with the original trilogy at all IMO, it's just another reason why I think that trying to tie it with the past films is a bad idea.

And actually, the hardest thing for filmmakers to explain would be why on earth Raven apparently decided to keep a vow of silence until it was absolutely necessary to talk Honestly, the original!Mystique is almost unnaturally mute.

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