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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Batman Won’t Appear on Arrow
(or Anywhere Else on The CW)

Originally Posted by Kevin Melrose
It’s probably ironic that Smallville was born after a pitch for Bruce Wayne, a series focusing on the character before he became Batman, failed to generate interest. And then when there is interest in the concept, the character is off-limits. In 2009, The CW also greenlit a pilot for The Graysons, focusing on the pre-Robin adventures of Dick Grayson, as a possible replacement for Smallville. However, that project was abandoned.
AICN Dec. 1, 1999:
Details of the upcoming BRUCE WAYNE TV series!

Jan. 4, 2000:
BRUCE WAYNE tv series and... what to do with BATMAN.

Jan. 17, 2000:
Moriarty's RUMBLINGS FROM THE LAB #25 (finally) RE: BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE, John Travolta, MISSION TO MARS w/pics + more

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