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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan83 View Post
them showing flash backs from WWII could be their way of giving him a new back story, that negates Origins
Or they could actually show what makes him "the best at what he does that isn't very nice" part, that they completely ignored in Origins. I don't mind XMOW being apart of cannon at all, it just needs fleshed out better.

Or we could all look at it as a one shot, like someone mentioned earlier, at this point it might be the best option. I like thinking of it that way, as long as no other movies make reference to it, I think that route is golden. its kinda just there as a bonus, people may like it or hate it, but they don't have to watch it in conjuction with the x-trilogy and beyond.

Its kinda the way I look at the terminator series haha, it starts with T1 and ends with T2, everything else is considered a fan-film one off that isn't officially apart of the story the creator intended. They are nice little bonus movies, somewhat well done, but rather meaningless on a whole. As far as Im concerned this particular X-men vision is Bryans, so whatever he goes with in DOFP will determine what gets ignored by me. He was very much involved with First class so thats obviously an important movie to me. Im hoping he DOES choose to ignore XMOW and retcon X3 almost entirely. I would adore that, its justice and hopefully a good ole spit in the face to ratners pathetic attempt at trying to replicate Bryans work. DOFP will automatically become my favorite X-Men movie if it completely undoes X3 with time travel. What a total victory that would be. All the while doing it via an actual comic book story. I wouldn't have a bigger smile on my face if that were to happen.

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