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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
Why is that James McAvoy is always forgotten? He has five films being released this year.
Because he's not nearly as famous as the other two. Not to mention, the five films he's in this year aren't exactly Hollywood blockbusters. Half of them will likely get limited releases. DOER, if famous, will likely be because of Jessica Chastain who is also one of the current sweethearts of Hollywood and will probably win the Oscar this year. DOER might be a way for more people to take note of McAvoy though.

Like it or not, the star power for DOFP is coming from Fassbender, Lawrence, McKellen, Stewart, and Jackman. Doesn't mean McAvoy isn't an incredible actor; he is. But he's not a big name like the others are. It's his choice, he doesn't want to be in the spotlight (and has voiced on more than one occasion his disinterest in Hollywood) so it's absurd to expect him to have as much attention as his Hollywood sweetheart costars.

As for Caleb Landry Jones, it does seem odd that he hadn't been asked. But I wondered when exactly he was interviewed about it. He might have been asked by now. Or he might just be playing it cool and pretending he doesn't know anything.
I wonder, as far as a quick google search will tell me, it was sometime before Christmas. Hopefully he has been asked by now. Not only because I want to see him (and LT, and even JJ for continuity's sake) but because if I were an actor I'd hate having to wait around to see if I'm in this movie or not, unable to take other projects that are filming in the spring. I know he's not exactly an in-demand guy but there are bound to be some films that interest him that he's not sure if he can take because he doesn't know even the most skeletal outline of the DOFP shooting schedule. Same goes for everyone who hasn't been contacted. Rose Byrne is getting more and more popular, for example, and her character was the only one neatly written out of the story. It'd be nice for her to find out if she has the Spring open or not.

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