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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Id rather watch the series than read the comics from that era because it wasnt as fantastical as the comics were. But Batman was intended to be dark and mainly a character who operates on his own. That's the true spirit of the character. Im not talking about big details in the writing. There's different interpretations as to how he's been written over the decades. But the original essence of Batman is that he was dark and a loner and therefore i see Batman 89 and Nolans trilogy and BTAS as more true to the characters creation than what the comics turned out to be. (As the 40s progressed into the 50s/60s).

He wasnt written so he can team with several super-powered beings in taking down aliens. He wasnt written so he can always fight side by side with a child side-kick at all times. He wasnt written to be like Superman in tone. He was written as a reaction to the lighter Superman.

To me that's the essence, in its simplest form without getting into details.

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