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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I've been thinking about this so much and this would definitely have been such a better idea too...

kill of Jen during her first appearance in that shoot out since she has no reason to show up later on in the film as well and use her little screen time to use Coleman Reese for TDKR. With Wayne losing his money and whatever, Reese could have been used to try to and fix that problem only to die by the hands of Bane. Plus, Jen and Reese are two arcs that are just out there in the open when the trilogy ends so it would have been nice to see closure on both parts.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
That's what I would've done, anyway.
I think a two-parter would've been the very best idea, especially with the IMAX run time limit, but Nolan insisted on only three films as the core beginning, middle and end theme, which, I'm totally fine with, but anyone can imagine just how truly epic, amazing and awesome The Dark Knight Rises would've been as two parts. They would've been hailed the best CBMs of all time, imo, as a two-parter and show how Nolan indeed made a better product than The Dark Knight.

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