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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

The GN's after Begins or TDK could be a cool thing for the fans, but i see what ur saying Anno. It's not really necessary even though it's cool. Simply because the stories would be filled with mainly....references to how this thing can link to the next movie properly, and how Dent met Rachel or first appearances by Maroni/Chechen. Or Batman throwing Zsasz in the slammer. A joker name drop here, a Scarecrow dealing there. I get it. It's more a "fill in the gaps" type of game rather than a meaningful story that has weight to it.

I 100% want to see a Graphic Novel happen with Blake though. The solo movie idea is not looking likely so why the hell not?? I heard months ago that a comic was being written so who knows.

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