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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
If it wasn't the wikia i wouldn't know half the things they were talking about in the wall on the show, i tried to read a little of the book, decided it was better to read the war of he five kings and skip the wall parts for a later reread of the books. While there was that new character (Cousin of Jamie i believe), i wasn't very lost.

Since the chapters are done by characters would i loose much if i read the plot of setting at a time? For example, first reading the Daenerys parts, then the ones of the war of five kings and only later the events at the wall?
I never recommend skipping through the chapters, even though I know a ton of people who can't help themselves. They are structured like that for a reason and things that people mention (especially in A Storm of Swords) get ruined for you. But believe me The Wall (and Beyond) stuff, gets real interesting (along with everything else). It's a great book.

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