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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

This IS nitpicking.
For you may be. For me it isn't. We all watch films differently. Visual grammar is important to me.

It's a directorial choice to keep the focus on Heath
A fine choice. But that's hardly my problem with the scene.

because Gambol's death is inconsequential in itself
That may be so, but the fact that he drops down without a whimper like he's been burned by lightning still jars.

and viscerally still works great for me thanks to Zimmer's cue
I don't see how. Zimmer's music does as little to lift the incongruities with the visual continuity of the film anymore than Heath does.

You can bet your ass that Richard King and his sound team had sound there, but the choice was made that they were not needed for the effect they wanted. Disagree with the choice if you want, but I really think they made the right call for a PG-13 Batman movie that didn't need that excess to make the scene work.
This is true. The film is compromised to meet the PG13 rating. That is a fair reason for the flaws in continuity. But good reasons don't mean that flaws don't exist. I acknowledge that such is the reason such flaws exist, but the flaws still exist.

I should say though, Nolan regularly displayed the same lapses in continuity in action sequences prior to Rises (which means Begins, Knight, and Inception). So how much to blame Nolan and how much to compromise?

This scene conveys the brutality of the Joker either way without it being gratuitous.

But Gambol's thugs still fall down between cuts, and one of Joker's knife still disappears between cuts. And for a medium that depends on visuals to convey information, that is a flaw. And while I realize the need to compromise to meet the PG 13 rating, I would think they could've been done without these lapses in information.

Let me compare it to a book given to you as a kid edited by a teacher, who decided to censor sentences and words to "protect" you from sensitive material. You may understand the reasons for it, but that still doesn't mean that when you read a paragraph where words and sentences are missing, your quality of immersion is prone to breaking. As it does mine with the Dark Knight during that scene.

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