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Default Re: Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I don't recall him being caught off-guard... I also don't view it as necessarily reckless in either case. There's not much else Batman could have done at that point (in the first battle), so he obliged the request and dispensed with the BS, which I found cool.
I definitely find the two battles having the exact opposite feelings towards each other. In the first battle it becomes Bane's way with the fighting, with the "let's not stand on ceremony" aspect, and with Batman thinking he can handle Bane with a snap of the finger whereas the second was all about Batman calculating every move as much as Bane did in the first round, making his presence known, saying and doing what he wanted until the very end when he proclaimed he'll give Bane permission to die.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I have a question: A few people listed 'The Jump' as one of their favorite bits of the film.

Do you guys mean when Bruce jumps from the hospital window with the wire to visit Gordon? Or do you mean when he jumps for the next rock/step a number of times trying to climb out of the pit?

Was there another jump?
I'm sure people are referring to the jump in the Pit.

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