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Default Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

First off, the film was corny, not Captain America good corny, but just bad dialogue. The film's way of portraying a "Fantastic" family in modern times was alright, but there is some pretty weird writing throughout.
My pros:
Silver Surfer was awesome and I loved Lawrence Fishbourne in the deep, intelligent voice.
Special effects: Not perfect but it did look like F4 imo. And I for one was a fan of Thing's rock suit.
Potential: This film could honestly make a few sequels. It left with a cliffhanger.
Relationships/actors(Except Alba, no sexism intended): I liked the characters and how they were portrayed(personality wise)
Sue got naked again?!!!!
They made some stupid decisions in this one and were just lost at times. Johnny didn't know what to do with all the girls/money. Reed and Sue wanted a family and all that. They all broke apart as a family too many times. The Thing was the best character in the film, imo.
Galactus: Don't make him a cloud. I understand it's more "understandable" to have a giant tornado devour a planet, but come on! Have a giant energy ship or something!
Corniness:I love corny movies for one, but this was too far. "I was in my room studying like a little nerd." "I'm so hot for you right now." Oh goodness....
Jessica Alba was too young for Sue and she got naked again?!!!
General Hager was a jerk.
I didn't like how the "fame" of the F4 was portrayed. Could we see one Bank Robbery or something?!
Doom had nothing to do.
Etc., but the F4 films still have a place in my heart.

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