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Default Re: The Clone Wars Episode Chronology Thread

Okay, so here's something else I've been thinking that no one else seems to mention.

I'm sort of thinking that 'The Mandolore' trilogy might take place before the Clone Wars movie. why?

1. Ashoka is nowhere to be seen or heard from for any of the three episodes. Obviously she COULD just be back at the temple, but still.
2. Obi Wan makes reference to having 'recently' had a run in with Jango Fett, who died in AOTC, which would seem to indicate that this takes place not too long afterward.
3. Later on, when Ashoka goes to Mandalore to teach the cadets, someone makes a reference to Obi Wan's last visit (from 'the Mandalore plot'), and she acts as if it's new information to her. She says something along the lines of "Obi wan caused trouble?" as if that's a surprise to hear. It strikes me that if the 'Mandalore trilogy' had happened after she became Anakin's padawan that she might have heard Anakin and Obi talking about it at least once.

Anyways. Those are my thoughts. Can anyone think of something that I may have missed, or do I actually have a point here?

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