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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
Anybody equating themselves with the Joker or referring to him as a hero has a very skewed vision of reality.

Similar to people finding a role model in Tyler Durden. Sure, they have captivating ideas and the world around them is hypocritical and corrupt, but they're still bad people. They should not be looked up to with any seriousness.
QFT. And 'one innocent victim"? Thats a very Al Ghul way of seeing things. Sure Gordon's men were corrupt, but they hardly needed to die. Dent 'died' fairly innocent until becoming Two-Face. The judge was said to have as strong of a desire for justice as Dent. Loeb was controversial and possibly corrupt himself, but to kill him? Rachel was pretty good on moral grounds. The fake batman guy probably was a pretty decent dude. Maybe I'm too much like Bats, but I don't think Lau, the bus driver, or gambol were evil enough to be worthy of a death penalty. They mention more than Dent missing in the hospital and we just assume all of them are on the bus that Joker hi-jacks, but he could have killed some innocent people there. The point is, Joker did his fair share of killing people who didn't need to be killed. I have a hard time feeling anyone should be killed, but if you were going to justify bad people being killed, Joker didn't really kill that many people I would be ok with dying.

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