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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
People raise a good point about stars not necessarily being the main draw, especially for blockbuster movies. I agree to an extent. A cast full of entire unknowns is not going to do as well as one with big names, because we associate a certain amount of "quality" when we see names we recognize. And I'm sure a lot of people who couldn't care less about lotr turned up for the hobbit because of Martin Freeman.

Yep you're right these movies don't entirley rely on starpower but I also agree with you when you say that no stars in as movie does affect how well it performs.

Originally Posted by blueserenity
But I think DOFP will need one thing to bring people in: the promise of the FC characters returning. And hat I think, outweighs the desire to see the old cast. I've made my own opinion on the return of the old class clear, but I am far from alone. My coworkers, friends, and clients are much more excited about the MF/JM/JL reunion than the old trilogy folk making appearances. The x trilogy had a great run, but general audiences have very short memories.
Not too sure I agree with you there. I think that people are more excited with the original cast returning than the first class cast. The original cast, most of them, haven't appeared in an X-Men film since 2006, plus they portray the major players of the X-Men, not the relative unknown character (e.g. riptide, darwin, angel,) or b grade characters (Banshee, Havok.) I think people have been waiting for an X4 since X3. I remember in 2010 most people did not want an X-Men first class movie (especially when they found out that it didn't contain the original first class) and were practically begging for an X4 with the original cast. Even with first class out it has done little to change that much people's minds. Some people think first class should be a standalone movie and that they should continue the series with the original cast.

So I think a lot of people really want to see the original cast come back. I mean look at how the internet reacted to the news that patrick and Ian were back, that Hugh was back. I mean look at how people reacted to the rumours that Halle Berry and James Marsden were in talks to come back. It took forever to quell that rumour, why? because noone wanted to face the possibility that pat, ian and hugh were the only ones coming back. They were happy to fool themselves into believing those rumours. that in itself is telling.

As for Berry, not sure people are clamoring form her return... it may be her most recognizable role on paper but her performance was pretty bland and inconsistent...
I'm not surprised she played a bland and inconsistent character that was always a background player, never front and center, even in TLS when she has the most screentime.

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