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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
I just posted this on the Cringeworthy Moments in Good Movies thread in the Misc forums.

Am I the only one incredibly baffled by Alfred's exposition on Bane's past? About his excommunication with Ras Al Ghul? How the heck did he know of these? Are Bane and Ras celebrities? Are their break up internet news? Isn't the League of Shadows a super secret organization that only the criminal underworld knows as myth?

That scene never fails to elicit a saddened laughter from me. Because that's exactly the kind of thing Nolan's haters exaggerate that he does. Only this time it is a baffling reality.

I always thought the scene with Harvey Dent, Rachel, Bruce and his Russian squeeze would be the lowest point in this series for me for blunt exposition. Fear not! Nolan surpassed it, with flying colors! This time it wasn't just blunt exposition, it made no sense whatsoever. Ras' personal history with Bane just shouldn't be information to be easily acquired.
I dont agree with your exaggeration describing that moment (much less being cringeworthy) , but i also think its probably the lowest point in the movie , and maybe in Nolan's writing. I think he is really really good with this sort of stuff , he dominates these sort of mechanism that push information forward (either visually , verbally, actions , etc) but the info on Bane is mediocre. I let it pass because the moment they introduce the CIA , and their involvement in affairs related to the "masked man" , its very hard to distinguish the line of of information they know and they don't know. And Bruce asked him to investigate further , so knowing Alfred's abilities and having all those resources at his disposal...i accept it. Its not elegant , but it does his job. We also know the league has been involved in some stuff in Africa , its the sort of major stuff that's hard to hide. And after Gotham's attack in Begins , off course a group like that would be throughly investigated. Just like todays age. They know a lot about terrorist groups , but they also dont know detailed locations , etc , etc , etc.

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