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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
I don't think they'll be making a Spider-Woman film when they are having a hard time making a decent Spider-Man film (obviously this topic was made long before ASM, though).

I would much rather see Black Cat get introduced in an ASM sequel and for that all to be good and dandy, then see Black Cat spun-out into a movie franchise or something. Of course, Black Cat is originally a Spider-Woman enemy so I'm not sure if Spider-Woman can just be "skipped" but I assume it has been done before in various Spider-Man media.
What does one have to do with the other. Spider-Woman only shares a similar name but is a completely different character with no connection to Spidey. It's like saying that, because a decent Spider-Man film hasn't been made, Marvel can't make a decent Iron Man film.

The way I see it, Spider-Woman has 2 options, both of which are equally popular genres today. It can either go the spy route, which others have mentioned, or it can go the supernatural route, which is what the comic was for the first 20 or so issues, and then semi returned to those roots towards the end of its run. These supernatural franchises are also all the rage these days with things like Twilight, most CW shows, etc. It would be quite similar to Angel.

Or as a third choice, it could combine the two genres, which is really what Spider-Woman should be, otherwise choosing one over the other you're missing out on part of her rich history. Also, having a combination of both could set it apart from all the other spy movies out there, or all the other supernatural dramas out there.

And Black Cat isn't originally a Spider-Woman enemy as such. She was intended to be one, but as a completely different character, not the Felicia Hardy version - just someone with the same name. But ANY version of the Black Cat never appeared in the pages of the Spider-Woman comic as that idea never got past the concept stage. So as far as one being dependent on the other, it is a non issue completely.

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