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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

From most recent Mark Millar Interview there Is hint that Days of future past Is being treated as pure prequel and future with Sentinles Is being presented
as alternate from trilogy which comes out of the brotherhood successfully comitting assassination and by end of film when the event Is now prevented
the trilogy and The Wolverine come Into being.

Now beyond Xavier,Magneto,and Wolverine I think we are looking at 3 or 4 others.I think Mystique will be one so you have 3 characters In both timelines.
Thus besides Wolverine we are looking at 2 or possibly 3 other X-men.

I think we are looking at 4 likely possibltys for 2 or 3 other slots.

1:Rogue-If Bryan Singer can work out a schedule with HBO I think Anna Paquin's return Is a high probailty.Even In an alternate timeline Bryan may want to call back Wolverine and Rogue's close relationship In his X-Men films particuly X-Men
2:Cyclops-Bryan wanted to give James Marsden more to do In his X3 plans.James Is no longer In consideration for GOTG lead
3:Jean Grey-Famke Janssen's cameo In the Wolverine may be prelude to her return here.If DOFP's future Is alternate future Easy for Famke or James Marsden to return.Jean could fill the Rachel void
4:Storm-Halle Berry returning Is a possibilty even though some on this board aren't fans of her portral.If Storm Is not In future scenes It could be because they want to devote more time with Cyclops In future

I think Characters like Iceman and Colossus will be left out due to getting majoirty of bigger players from trilogy.

As for Kitty I think she Is mostly out since Bryan Is more inclined to bring back actors he used for X-men and X2.Plus It's more likely to give Rogue kitty's role even If Xavier or wolverine Is how time travel Is used.

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