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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I agree to an extent. But I like that the Iron Man series (apart from the rest of the MCU) has kept things grounded on earth. Not just grounded in reality. TIH as well mostly. Stark has so far only had the resources of his home planet to work with and suffice it to say, only being human, he's done a phenomenal job with those resources. Then the cube came and he studied it like a scientist. He didnt bow before it like HYDRA or fear it like SHIELD.

Anyway, my point is, let Thor, GotG and The Avengers as a team deal with cosmic stuff, so we can see IM and Cap battle the terrestrial. And Ant-Man can do his best against the subterranean ;D
I agree with this. If Mandarin rings have "power" it should be based on technology.

We've seen where the villains in Iron Man have been modified from their comic counterparts. Whiplash in IM2 was really an amalgomation of Crimson Dynamo and Backlash.

I think what we will see of Mandarin in the comics is that he will still be the supreme mastermind behind everything. I've had a theory that they will reveal that Mandarin was behind the deaths of Howard and Maria Stark, and help to support Obadiah Stane in his takeover of Stark Industries. But he is a puppet master, pulling the strings.

We'll see if that plays out or not.

I do think they will have a "showdown" with Mandarin, and he may be in some sort of powered suit, with "rings" that shoot different weaponry, but based on technology, not magic/space aliens.

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