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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
We talk about how bad we want new stuff, but All we'd do is critique the ever living crap out of it. Every little element out of what ever they'd give us. Lol So when (if) they do start releasing Character pics and such I'm making the conscious effort of not reading descriptions and fans' and non fans' reactions to them. For me I think it will help with my enjoyment of the movie not having little details in my mind I read from someone else while I'm watching it on screen.
I wish I had the will power, I really do.

I was so bad throughout Smallville for spoilers and then dissecting episodes after that I think at some point I sort of forgot to just enjoy the show! I would watch episodes and literally be taking notes on what I was gonna bring up on the forums

I really do want MOS to be a completely immersive experiance that shuts my brain up and just has me on cloud 9.

But I know there are already certain things I already have in my head that will have me thinking of you guys and our discussions if they happen in the film (I.e. If Supes kills Zod somehow, I know my mind will go straight to how much I'm gonna moan about it on here)

It's just the curse of fandom, especially internet discussion forum fandom.

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
That's one train of thought. But if there's some detail that comes out that I'm not sure about, I'd rather come to grips with it now then let it detract from my first viewing of the film for me.
Yeah I agree with this too. Silly example, but I know if I'd walked in not knowing what Amy's hair colour was and had time to let that niggle go, it might have bugged me.

Obviously there may be bigger and much worthier examples of that as we get closer to the release.

Just accept that this is the direction they have taken.
Then, you can either decide this version isn't for you and stop watching. OR you can decide to enjoy it for what it is - an elseworlds tale.

'In Elseworlds, super-heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places - some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow.'

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