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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

Originally Posted by BatmanFanboy View Post
How so? This isn't an opinion, this is fact. The Dark Knight Returns was a hugely acclaimed and influential graphic novel that help shaped the dark, psychological image of Batman that we have today. It's work is celebrated to this day and the movie adaptation was Oscar worthy. The high point of Batman Beyond was Return of The Joker and that has nothing on the graphic novel and almost seems silly in comparison with the way they brought the Joker back. Like I said, this is Saturday morning cartoon stuff. It's a fantastic series that I loved but it didn't bring much new to the table and the best stuff was just throwbacks to the old series in the first place. To prefer one over the other is fine, but to say the superior and more important one sucks in favour of the other is just completely wrong. It shows your ignorance and if you fail to recognize the achievment of The Dark Knight Returns then you clearly aren't a legitimate fan of the character and are just trolling. I love Batman Beyond but it's not even in the same league as The Dark Knight Returns. Period.
Dude it's not fact it's all about opinion, accept that other people have their own views. Some people don't like tea but I don't say it's a fact that tea is great. Stop getting on your high horse and accept others opinions.

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