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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Indeed. Any graphic novel regarding Nolan's trilogy won't be dealing with much except for Batman trying to find where Scarecrow is, or maybe a battle against him where Scarecrow flees, but that's really all the real action we'd ever see in a graphic novel for the trilogy inbetween the films, and if Batman indeed took off for eight years, a graphic novel between TDK and TDKR may only be about Catwoman as well(and I'd like to see a Catwoman spin-off/prequel on film), but something on Blake's first mission, or his first six months or so as the new needs to be.

You are right about something being mentioned as such months ago...didn't someone talk about Blake's first mission as Batman or something along those lines? What was that about?
Focus on Blake actually finding away to train to become Batman, cause you cant just put on a Batsuit, in a high tech cave (under a childrens home) and start being batman.

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