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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?


Anyways, a number of things set BB out in front here for me. One is that the characterization of old Wayne is simply better here than in DKR. In BB he is grumpy, cynical, weighed down by his past... but still ultimately heroic, still holding onto his ideals and beliefs, not surrendering his philosophy just because he is tired of fighting the darkness. There's a consistency and strength there despite the fact that he's a darker Bruce.

Then there is the fact that the story is a lot more fun. It isn't as self-absorbed. DKR is at points pretentious - BB is able to confront dark themes at points without letting them bog the story down. BB has its fair share of overly cheesy episodes, but by and large the story, setting, and cast of characters are more enjoyable.

Which story do I find myself returning to time and time again? Beyond, not DKR.

That's not to say that someone who likes DKR doesn't have a valid opinion. It was influential and important as a work, especially when first released. Ultimately to me it is not as enjoyable. But I understand if others disagree.

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