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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
That had me literally laughing out loud. But I understand. It's hard to be as disciplined as I need to be to really go in as green and ignorant as I plan to. Especially for a movie I feel like I might have been waiting on for over 30 years. But I am determined.

For instance I have no idea what discussions have gone on about Zod and ideas of his demise. As soon as I saw that convo starting I clicked out of the forum. I've been doing pretty good so far.

Another example is when that description came out for Trailer 2 I didn't read a single line until after I saw it. Just incase it was legit and would spoil it for me. Thank goodness I stuck to my guns because it was scene for scene. I absolutely loved it because I didn't have any preconceived notions or judgements. I know if I didn't watch the fuzzy Comic Con footage I would have loved it even more.

I mean I love reading and jumping in on speculation but I find it that it's more fun for me when I finally see the movie if I don't go too deep.
I really really wish I hadn't seen the trailer description. When I first read it, I actually thought it sounded okay and pretty plausible, and I liked the Martha/Clark exchange immediately... but then I got caught up in the whole 'there's no way they would not show krypton, there's no way they would have no real action scenes etc etc' and started treating it as false and getting my hopes up for some other ideal version of a first trailer.

So yeah, I have to admit, the second the trailer started I got a sense of anti climax. It's only on repeat viewings that I started to realise what an incredible trailer it actually is... and that's only because of mass fan pre conceptions.

I definitely want to avoid anything like that happening again, so yeah i'll be avoiding all 'descriptions', fake or not, of any trailers or scenes from the movie.

I think you're taking the right approach, and i'm gonna try and do the same from now on. Just dipping your feet into the water, not taking a swim in the ocean and getting lost at sea

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