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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

Even though I love that episode, the premise is a bit flimsy. The execution of everything in that episode, and even the concept of bookending BB in the JLU universe was really cool. I mean, chronologically isn't it kind of a bookend to the DC animated universe, is there any stories that would take place AFTER the point in time where Terry is a full fledged adult?

I also agree that The Call is the best episode of the series, even though it's a two parter it had the most intrigue to me. It had some cool twists and turns that it almost could have been expanded into an animated feature. Beyond that my second favorite episode is the one with Talia, that episode was just heavy for a lot of reasons.

I think DKR was a product of its time, which is why some of the elements of the story don't hold up as well for some of you. Personally, I always looked at it as sort of an elseworlds story and not the definitive vision of an elderly Batman. All I have to say is, reading it for the first time as a 13 year old it effected me pretty deeply. I had never really read anything like it and by the time that dialogue between Bruce and Clark kicks in("I want you to remember, in all your private moments") I was practically shaking. I don't think anything in Batman Beyond is as exciting as the storytelling in the DKR. I do love me some Return Of The Joker though, that was a rather excellent movie.

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