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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

I think that Loki is a very mercurial character in that you can't really gauge what he's going to do next. He basically flip flops all over the place depending on what benefits his circumstance the most, like in Avengers when he accepts Tony's offer for a drink after he sees he's failed when previously he was threatening him when he thought he was holding all the cards.

*Edit* I was thinking of this as I was eating an apple but I think Loki's main obstacle is not really so much Thor and Odin though in his mind they might be the main sources of his insecurity but actually coming to terms with his own masculinity. Let's face it when you are in a familial position and skill set which is in odds with the more direct physicality of his adopted home that Loki has you too would question just how dominant a male you are. The moment Loki casts aside all self doubt and rejects the stigma attached with his ability to use magic he will gain enough self pride in himself to be comfortable with his stature as a strong dominant male.

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