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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

I love the concept of Batman Beyond more than the series/movies themselves. Some of it is too cartoony or ridiculous (cloning) but it's still friggin cool as hell. Very creative i thought.

Im also not a fan of the artwork for TDKReturns. The animation turned it into something much more appealing to look at visually. It's very 80's. Much like how i think Year One seems to be very 70's. Therefore Beyond comes off as more fascinating.

But DKReturns wins for me. Because of what it stands for, what it influenced. It's a single story versus a series (+ film) and because of that it's more strong and compact. It's more mature and definately not tailor made for the kids..which is more up my alley. Miller-Joker wins as well.

As of right now, Returns has my vote. But that could change. The new animated films for Dark Knight Returns and the parts of Nolans films that are inspired by it are making me appreciate it so much more. But ill give it some time to wear off. Beyond is kick-ass and there's no denying that.

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