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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Screenplay was embarassing yes, yes indeed.

The sets didn't look ugly to me, they're quite cool in fact. They're just very stagey as you said TheGuy. 89' was much better in that department.

I'm not sure if ill ever get over the marching penguins with rockets strapped to their backs or the fact that they live in the sewers of Gotham while raising Oswald. Or the fact that they made Selina resurrect to dozens of cats, making her thirsty for cartons of milk and hungry for birds. The black goo & raw fish eating Danny Devito.

These are all things that ill never be able to look past as a fan.

Fortunately i have great childhood memories of this movie. The score, the designs, the Cat-Bat scenes and the eerie opening will always keep me from absolutely hating this movie. It's the stuff that lets me believe it's better than Batman Forever (even though i truly feel Forever was the better flick overall and the most honorable to Batman). Those damn childhood memories!

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