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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Whether or not one is connected to the other or they are at the same or separate studios, having her named Spider-Woman would cause as much conflict with non comic readers as calling a character Super Woman. The public will automatically connect her to Spider-Man. If they were at the same studio they could at least mention Spider-man and say how she isn't related to him, but at a separate studio can they even bring him up?
They could almost joke about it, something like "Spider-Woman? Are you related to..." "No!" "But your name is..." "I said NO!" Or do what New Avengers did. "He doesn't own the rights to the name." Something like that.

But also separate her from Peter by having her movie be less super heroic and more patriot games/Spy thriller/Espionage stuff. More like Patriot Games, Mission Impossible 1, Salt, Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy, any of the Bourne movies, Argo,
A political spy action thriller. But with SHIELD and an agent with genetically/surgically implanted powers. Maybe a cameo by Black Widow and/or Hawkeye.
Maybe a little darker, grittier than Spider-Man and Iron Man. She is a woman given super powers and turned into a double agent for SHIELD against Hydra, but then starts working for Hydra against SHIELD, and is actually a triple agent. And all that kind of spy versus spy stuff, and who can be trusted, and politics.

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