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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
when singer made the 1ST Xmen film it was in a time when comic book movies were not really big so he took a few liberties just incase it was a 1 film only thing but its 2012 and comic book movies are almost studios gold mine so you never know singer might take a few things from the pages of the comic book
I'd highly expect this. If those plans he had for his X3 are any indication then Im expecting a fair bit of comic book like scenes, I know he can do it and do it better than even The Avengers.

X-men were kind of given the shaft in the current comic book movie explosion, because they led the way, the x-men had to be the guinea pig of the lot, take that safe hit. It could have been any comic character really, we'd had basically gotten a 3 man avenger team in black leather, whoever came first pretty much HAD to play it safe back in 2000.

Comic movies were DREADFUL before then. In return it got stuck with the limited vision of the original 2000 x-men and had to run with that. Now that singer has time travel involved and the budget he NEVER had on X1 and X2, he can make his wildest dreams come to life, no more cutting corners like in X1/2.

For what its worth I feel they have honestly made the best of it, and are now trying to get things back in gear. The only real huge mis-step was X3 imo. XMOW is filler, a throwaway movie, that can be forgotten. With first class I feel they took steps in the absolute right direction, and now that Singer is back, I honestly have no worries.

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