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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by S. Grundy View Post
Yeah, Ratner was brought in so late in the game, that he really couldn't do much of anything with the pre-production side of things.
Doesn't matter. As the Great Joel Schumacher once said, If anything is wrong with the movie it falls on the director. A great director can turn **** into gold. There can be revisions that make sense, actual intelligent shots, and NO BOWLING PIN SOUND EFFECTS. I believe even if the script was different he would have made the same moronic decisions and changes, and still approved the casio keyboard sound effects.

It falls on Ratner. Sorry, but its entirely his fault that he couldn't handle the script. It was a weak script, but it could have absolutely been handled better in the actual shooting phase if he had any talent what so ever, and wasn't just a lap dog. He had to of read the goddamn thing before he shot the film. Nothing in his head went "this sounds terrible" because he thought it was amazing and the best x-men movie ever made. It was his final say, He approved the moronic Juggernaut costume, the meaningless deaths, the horrible one liners.... as DIRECTOR.

The only cool stand out moment in X3 for me is Wolverine jumping from the X-Jet. That was sick.

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