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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by kaijunexus View Post
Something just occurred to me...

If we are indeed seeing Tony utilize the Extremis virus in IM3, and he could therefore control his suits with with his mind alone...he won't need to bring Jarvis along with his armors anymore.

Will Jarvis now be relegated to nothing more than house duties from now on? Seems kind of sad...
Jarvis may still be needed...

Jarvis may be able to help give Tony control over a wider network than the Mandarins and provide a lot of support in the final battle...

He may take direct control of some of the drones Tony was controlling when Tony starts to lose the battle, making him just as valuable an ally because Jarvis's network is connected to all the suits. Tony still needs some verbal communication and someone to act as his eyes and ears for some of the suits he can't visibly see that are being directed to other battle fronts. Jarvis acts like a battle planner and may help Tony AIM the suits. It's one thing to be able to focus on the various pieces of one suit.

However his drone army is made up of leftover pieces from the other suits and needs to be assembled, he can't waste time diverting attention to control all the facets of some of the suits. Some of the suits are a little easier for him to control all at once so he divides control with Jarvis. Keeping in constant contact with what he's allowing Jarvis to do. It would take a lot more concentration to control 40+ suits all at once and their various pieces... Jarvis needs to help him control/AIM some of the suits when his attention needs to be focused on the Mandarin, and the Mandarin is making attacks on multiple fronts. AI again steps up to protect/help him in a new way, because he already trusts jarvis enough to connect him to the Extremis suit, and all the others.... Jarvis is the good AI he can depend on because it proves itself to him...
The same can't be said about other AI that may enter the story.

Tony can control his armor with his mind, and multiple armors at once, but it may be kind of difficult to focus on controlling and AIMing all of them at once to do complicated tasks, and also focusing on the battle right in front of him. Jarvis may lead some of Stark's army, while Stark tells him what to do with them and Jarvis reports on his progress in battle... To add: Jarvis takes control of exactly 7 of the more recogizabe armors that take more focus to control, leaving Tony the 40 Explaining a discrepancy in reporting... Tony does have 47, but he's left with 40 when Jarvis takes control of 7 of them for the very end. These 7 are the ones that will be more recognizable and Tony did have full control of them a little earlier.

Essentially Jarvis and Pepper both join the battle, as well as Rhodes.
All Tony's allies are needed to stop Mandarin and he even has to hand over full control of some of the suits to Jarvis.

I think the importance of AI will be seen in Avengers 2 and some of Winter Soldier. Modok might also be coming into this faster than we think... However, I think we may only see Modok on the Shield show as one of the reappearing villains who don't show up in the movies, but affect what happens in small ways. The show may fill in some background info on what has been happening with AIM and Shield in the past, and now the present (since Avengers) and in between movies. But Modok's parts on the show would take place after Tetterington's transformation, which happens sometime between the end of IM3 and Winter Soldier and has something to do with Extremis tests gone wrong now.. making Modok sort of a biological computer.

Anyone know if Maria Hill is actually in this movie as per early rumors at screen-rant? I know she'll be on the Shield show sometimes. At this point I think it's almost a certainty the show goes forward...

I think AIM might be placed as the main villains of the show, at least every once in a while as a continuing threat, while Shield deals with other things on other weeks. Like when Loki is asked about where he recruited his AIM mercenaries from in Avengers: "Shield has many enemies".

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