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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

I like where you are going with alot of this stuff Loki. I feel as though Marvel is in a better place now then they were when they started filming the movies for phase 1. Before the success of Iron Man and the semi-success of the incredible hulk, it was not a sure thing that they would be able to pull off what they eventually did with The Avengers. Had those two movies not been as successful as they were, I don't think we would be where we are now, we probably wouldn't have even had an Avengers movie. I think a big reason why Whedon was given big picture control over all phase 2 movies, was because Marvel now knows they have an opportunity to not only put out really good individual movies, but also interweave subplots from those movies in order to progress the entirety of the MCU.

That being said, I think that we will start to see smaller subplots in these movies that expand upon the MCU as we know it. I like the idea of introducing Jan in Iron Man 3 as you have described it. It adds mystery to the character, and if its revealed that she is Jan after the credits, it will create more buzz for Ant Man. I know alot of people are complaining that Jan shouldn't be in an Iron Man movie because shes not in the Iron Man comics, but consider this: Besides the Avengers, Iron Man is Marvels most successful character. I know plenty of people that loved the Avengers but hadn't seen Thor, Incredible Hulk, or Captain America. Introducing characters in the Iron Man films so that they can be used later in Avengers films makes the most sense because the Iron Man films draw the wider audiences.

I like the idea of having Ant Man split between pre-iron man 3 and post iron man 3. It allows for the characters to be used in the Avengers 2, creating more buzz for the characters before the release of Ant Man. It makes the origin movie easier, because it allows for a character that some might consider "boring" to avoid the long character introduction in their own movie. The audience, having seen the Avengers 2, would already know who these characters are, and would leave more time for plot and possibly the introduction of Scott Lang.

The only problem I have with your idea is with Ultron. I do believe that Ultron, should and will be a part of the MCU. He needs to a villain in an avengers film. While I do agree that introducing Jan in Iron Man makes sense, I do not think introducing Ultron in Iron Man does. I think that given the introduction of Thanos in the Avengers and the push Marvel is making for Guardians of the Galaxy, it would be too much to also throw Ultron in the mix for phase 2. I think that if we see Ultron duking it out with the Avengers it won't be until 3. I will say that I do like the idea of subtly introducing an unnamed AI into Iron Man 3 could work, if Jan is also introduced.

I think with Iron Man 3, Tony could go through the Extremis process after being confronted with the AI. Maybe his AI for the new armor becomes overly aggressive (the armor attacking Pepper in bed). Maybe Mandarin steals this AI and merges it with AIM AI, forcing Tony to come up with a new way to control his armor, enter Extremis. Rather than using JARVIS (maybe JARVIS is destroyed/taken/corrupted during the film) he goes through the Extremis process so that he no longer needs his AI to fight as Iron Man. This may also explain why we have seen nothing as far as an additional armor that we would see at the end of the film. He doesn't create a new armor, he just has a new way to interact with his armor that makes him faster and allows him to be directly connected to not only his own armor, but all his other armors.

I think that when Ultron is introduced we will see either JARVIS or Coulson turned into the vision, depending on how they explain Coulson's return on the SHIELD show. We could also see and old iron man armor/ mandarin armor, that becomes the shell of Ultron. But the main reason I think we won't see Ultron until the Avengers 3 is because they want to introduce Black Panther first. I feel that an Avengers 3 plot with Ultron would include the creation of the Vision, with his objective being the destruction of the Avengers and the creation of a new body. And Ultron was always trying to use materials such as adamantium to become the ultimate machine. While adamantium won't be included in an avengers movie, we could see Ultron attempt to build a body made of Vibranium. The source of said Vibranium, Wakanda. I always pictured a black panther movie starting with Howard Stark visiting Wakanda and saving a Wakandan (T'Challa maybe?), for doing this he is given Vibranium which he used to make Cap's shield.

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