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Smile Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by jaymes_e06 View Post
Halle didn't just want more money she stole Famke's lines and demanded to be the main focus of the film. She did have an ego no easy way around it.

And you need to re-read my post I never said she was the only reason Bryan left X3 at all. I don't know where you're pulling that from. her demands didn't make it easy for him though.
Halle Berry stole nothing and all this Halle hate is kind of pathetic. How could she of stolen Famke's lines? What exactly did Halle say that famke could have said in X3. "I killed the professor Logan, I've made my choice its time you make yours so if you're with is then be with us." I mean really?

And in X2 Halle was already contracted to return no matter her role, Fox CHOSE to give Halle's Storm more to do and even then the only lines that were originally Famke's were the ones she said in the jet before they go in through the spillway every thing else was either already in the script or was written during filming.

She didn't demand to be the focus (and she wasn't the focus of X3 that was wolverine and phoenix) to quote her words "its not that I want more screen time as this is an ensemble but if it's just five minutes I just want it to be five meaningful minutes . It isn't her fault fox jumps interpreted that as replacing cyclops she just wanted storm to have a voice. She was asking this as many fans had complained about storm's lack of substance in the movies sometimes directly to at comic con. She even read some of the comics for X2.

She was asking for a substantial role like storm has in the comics.

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