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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
Nice statue but the head looks nothing like Cavill...or Superman for that matter. Hell, those Mattel prototype toys looked more like Cavill/Supes! I hope Hot Toys reveals their figure soon.

As for the colors, they'll be closer to this (or something between this and the statue) in the film (based on the officialy released stuff so far)

Even when he's going to be out in direct sunlight the suit will be heavily shadowed. I came to terms with this by now. I was in denial long enough, lol. The suit won't be bright. It's dark and it will remain dark. No biggie, as long as the film delivers.
I would post a pic from the trailer of Superman and Lois holding hands to prove that the suit isn't dark but I'm on my Xbox so I can't right now

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