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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

The thing about Ultron is they may want him in a number of movies like Loki.
So he very well could show up again if they use him in Avengers 2.

When Whedon said he had a plan to put another villain in Avengers it appeared in the same article that mentioned his very Waspy draft of Avengers.
He said that he didn't want to name that villain because that villain may crop up in future movies.

But because he was talking about Wasp there's a hint there about how Wasp may have been intended to be introduced as an adversary of this villain.

There may even be an Ultron easter egg in The Avengers.

And with the Black Panther/ Wakanda stuff I can see them being pretty close to comic accuracy as they are with many things, so they could potentially have Ultron return yet again in a masters of evil movie around the time Black Panther has been introduced in phase 3. The MoE movie would either be Avengers 3 (if they don't go with the Gauntlet and Thanos returning again), or CA3 would be like a mini Masters of Evil movie where many of the sidekicks have to help Cap, Falcon, and Bucky. In essence Black Widow, and War Machine would join Cap as he leads the non- main avenger heroes against an attack by Red Skull and the Masters. The other Avengers are busy this time. War machine has dealt with Mandarin before and is closer to Cap and Shield when the Masters suddenly reveal themselves, and each of the people joining the cast would add to the team. Wasp could join this CA3, as well as Sif from the Thor cast to deal with Enchantress, as the Sif-Thor relationship may be furthered by that point.. So imo the masters of evil movie will either be Cap3 or Avengers 3 and Black Panther will have a part in it regardless. With a returning Ultron and many other villains.

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