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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
yeah, Loki is beyond being a "good guy" and he knows it.

I think his "its too late" was legitimate. and it wasn't just for the battle, but it was for everything. Its too late to redeem myself, I've screwed up enough, i've made alliances with dark people, this is who I am now, and it's too late. His bitterness and anger comes that, and probably only worsens around thor, which maes sense...

and Elizah...^ I guarentee that has something to do with his army of minions :P

what movie/show is that from?? it looks so familiar
That's from scrubs, and if you mean Hiddles/Loki fangirls, yes I'm sure, good for them and good for him. You wish you had some fangirls like that.

However wouldn't you say that the fact that he does have that tear there, means that it really isn't too late? If he's still got enough in him to shed a tear and be touched by his brothers' continued "sentiment" towards him, then there is likely still something in there that IS redeemable. Otherwise that tear wouldn't be there, just the creepy smile.

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