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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

But he's related to Reed Richards and a standard attack from Kang's army might work better in Fantastic Four, since we've already been introduced to Thanos and space threats over here, and that property plays off of the family themes...

So Kang would actually be the descendant over there, whereas here they wouldn't really bring it up because time travel has allowed him to instantly (from this perspective) become Immortus, a far less evil version of the character (possibly important in stopping a gauntlet wielding Thanos).

Basically I'm saying Fox didn't entirely reject the Galactus and Surfer thing because neither side knew who had the rights to Kang, as he's a major villain to both, even more so than Doom. And could go either way/wasn't outlined at first, and fell under marvel's property as a bargaining chip...

So they gave up the name Kang and retained the option to possibly use the name Immortus in return for one of the things they wanted... without any dollars being exchanged. And a deal possibly in place to allow each series to use their own versions of galactus and surfer + explain them as parts of alternate timelines onscreen and be able to share a lot of other space names. While Fantastic Four gets to focus on skrulls, annihilus and Kang completely... meaning Marvel no longer references the skrulls in their movies. We have their alternate version the chitauri already in place. Some of their background still mysterious and sporting a look like the pharaohs of old... i.e. Fury has a lot more secrets he's not willing to share and was very much aware someone would come for the tesseract eventually when he started the Avengers initiative, again going back to them not knowing they're part of a bigger world now. Where Pym and Jan have already had their powers for a while, Thanos's origin on Titan and much more has already taken place.

Korvac, Magus and the universal truth guard a truth about the nature of Thanos and the Universe, sent to them from the 31st century.
Korvac and Magus come about as time anomalies in the GoTG movie, and Thanos is more of an anti-villain. Although the guardians don't know Thanos is the real threat and they're helping him against those Immortus created out of a time anomaly while playing grandfather time to stop Thanos's rise. The guardians realize Thanos is now partially their responsibility. They took out Korvac and Magus who were intended to stop Thanos from ever succeeding in his early goals and only learn of this once Warlock joins. Korvac is the one who has a relationship with the power cosmic fox may have allowed marvel to use..

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