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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
How did "The Consultant" undue anything? It tied in perfectly. If everything FOX-men was undone by First Class. Yet Millar says that The Wolverine takes place after X-3 and will connect with FC and DOFP. Which would be a lot of red tape for a film that Hugh Jackman initially stated was a "Stand Alone" film a month before Millar was hired.

Don't confuse a failed continuity with Marvel having to replace Ed Norton for almost ruining a franchise with his rants.

There's no reason a sequel can't pick up on where IH left off and unlike Wolverine and DOFP, IH would would have any significant worries.
Of course it undid everything. They set up the ending of TIH to tie into the Avengers. Then they realized that it no longer made sense for what they wanted to do, so they shot The Consultant as a way to fix it.

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