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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Not that he would be involved in IM3 but with a character like Immortus they could approach time travel very differently than what Fox is doing. In this timeline Kang would have only operated in the extreme future and past before becoming Immortus and preserving a lot of this major section of the timeline. So he would know all about Thanos's rise. His influence could then in theory be felt over many of the movies in the series and explains why things happen slightly out of order, but usually in accordance with canon... It could be why Ultron is now with the mandarin, if it is, and why Wasp is briefly in this movie, if she is. But no, Immortus wouldn't come into it yet. This would be something they're a bigger part of that even Fury doesn't know all of the meaning to yet. "The tesseract affects everyone differently." Fury grabbed it, and found out a little more. "They'll return because we'll need them too" could really be viewed as a promise and true foresight, and not a bet or statement, in retrospect of what I'm outlining.

Some of the elements are too similar if they are using a version of the future guardians. What if someone else is going up into space but won't be part of the present guardians team? Astro separated by a lot of time and ending up on the future guardians team with no way to contact Earth about what will befall them, but a way to contact the Guardians in the past. No one would really do any time traveling, for the effects of time travel in this series would have already happened for the most part... and are incredibly buried as Immortus is only subtly revealed to have influenced things and decides to help the Avengers and Guardians work together in a Beyonder like way.

only in spoiler tags for those interested in brushing up on Immortus and the Avengers in particular and not Kang
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"Deep in Earth’s future, the time-traveling conqueror Kang came to find his excursions into time left him unfulfilled, and he decided to give up worldly conquests and meditate on the nature of time until the end of his days. Thus, he journeyed to Limbo, a dimension that exists outside the timestream itself and built a castle, lording over the wanders of Limbo, the Space Phantoms. At some point after this, Immortus was contacted by the trinity of beings known as the Time-Keepers to oversee the 80 millenia of their existence and keep humanity (and especially the hero team known as the Avengers) from expanding into space-- a prospect of which would have disastrous prospects in nearly 50% of all the multiverse. Immortus acted as "custodian" of this timeline, and acted many times to influence events that keep humans from exploring space, all under the guise of embarking “on a number of campaigns to untangle the skein of timelines."

These early machinations included sending a Space Phantom to break up an early incarnation of the Avengers and helping the early version of the Masters of Evil. During this last excursion, Immortus witnessed the bravery of Captain America, which forever would allow him a grudging respect for the Avengers. Thus, instead of destroying the Avengers, Immortus would subversively shepherd them to his own ends, such as manipulating events so that Thor would relinquish his hammer's time-travelling capabilities.
Immortus also set out so that the Scarlet Witch would not conceive children (who have the potential to stand among the greatest forces of the universe.) Immortus helped to instigate the relationship between the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, thinking that no children would be born of this union, and Immortus officiated the ceremony that married the two. When this tactic failed, Immortus investigated the origin of the children, and manipulated events to reveal that the children were in fact pieces of the demon Mephisto's soul. Immortus also took the opportunity to influence the dismantling of the Vision's robotic body and mind. Immortus tried to stop the Scarlet Witch once and for all banishing her from reality, but was instead seemingly banished himself. Immortus was saved by the Time Keepers and re-instated as their custodian."

What I'm talking about is merging Immortus and his wanting to prevent half the multiverse from being destroyed with Thanos getting the Gauntlet, and the alternate future of the Guardians in the 31st century. What Thanos will do changes the future for Kang, and he becomes more of a force for good in this series than most versions of Kang.

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