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Default Re: Knightfall Question

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
I bought volumes 1 and 2 of the Knightfall saga. Volume 1 was great; in Volume 2, there doesn't seem to be any mention of Bruce's healing/therapy. Its all Jean Paul Valle doing his Azrael thing. Does Volume 3 take up Bruce's healing, and bring the story to a head? Also is Bane in Volume 3 or is it just Batman vs Azrael?
I have all 3 volumes. Vol. 3 does not deal with Bruce's healing, but his retraining. For some reason Bruce's healing was left out of the recently published volumes, so he just kinda shows up at the end of vol. 2 all better.

Bane is not in volume 3. It is mainly Bats vs. Azrael, with a little of what happens after.

The volumes don't really include all the Knightfall material. You get the main story, but I hope one day they release a collection that has everything.

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