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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
Understood, lol, but if you're paying attention it's all connected. They really are part of a bigger world now, and although casual fans won't know it, and the characters themselves won't. You will understand what I'm talking about when you see IM3, and why my speculation's skewed so many different directions or could lead a lot of different ways because of some Advanced Idea Mechanics. But it's all connected. Labeling them as phases just shows you this is all still partially Feige's plan too... and he had every intention of making us think they weren't gonna use the Mandarin. When it's clear as day it was the plan for the third movie all along with the 10 rings clues. In short, the clues may be even less obvious or some will jump out at you but they'll always be planting connections to the sequels and setups that connect to the broader universe.

I'm trying to reveal things like Thanos is not the villain in GoTG in a roundabout way by posting in threads where it won't get too much attention this early.
Connected or not.. lets try to keep on topic to the film in question rather than "all the films in question" isn't there an MCU thread?

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