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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

I'm not too sure, I will try to limit my stuff about the other movies or post in the Avengers 2 thread or something.

I'd just basically be saying what I've already said about this movie and things like ColdBlood having the thing Stane had from IM1, being one of the first people with mandarin's form of Extremis and how mandarin may have control of an almost uncountable number of soldiers, things and organizations, tying into what the synopsis says about his reach having no bounds. So he would have initially been an archaeologist studying the rings that are semi-ancient in origin with more modern man made inscriptions that intrigue Mandi and not revealed whether alien metal or otherwise. And the rings themselves have moved across time and Mandarin acquires them from their last owners in India. The archaeologist part of his backstory is preserved but he possibly takes interest in the metal these rings seem to be made out of. And knows there is more to the history of the world, and much that is being hidden, linking back to the Atlantis easter eggs. AIM has similar ideas for the future as Mandirin, but Mandi learns from the past.

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