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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
You're just describing what the comic was in fact. It was never anything like Spider-Man, and to start with she walked a rather morally ambiguous line. It was only her encounter with Spider-Man that made her start becoming more of a hero. It was always either supernatural stories with a private eye element (like Angel), or spy stories. If they borrowed some elements from Burn Notice, then she can be both a spy and also helping people privately (like a PI).
I would wonder if because of the success of Spider-Man and because of her name and her being a Marvel character like Iron Man or Captain America or Spider-Man, that most studios would want to make her movie a typical Marvel movie like Iron Man or Spider-Man, which would add (I think) to the confusion of most viewers who already think she is connected to Spider-Man because of her name.
But I (didn't know exactly what the comic was like having not read her in anything but Avengers) think that her movie should be like the comic. Grittier, darker in tone, more dramatic in tone, more serious, with threats on a more political/global terrorist level than what Spider-Man or Iron Man face. The tone would help separate her from Spider-Man. If the tone is more like a political thriller people will sort of seperate her from Spider-Man automatically. And then she can say something like "He doesn't own that name." Or whatever.

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
This kind of makes me think a Spider-Girl movie would be better received than a Spider-Woman movie.
I say do both, a Spider-Girl movie in the same tone as Spider-Man, as a spin off of sorts (like a She-Hulk movie) but then also a dark gritty Spider-Woman movie. They might have to call her movie Jessica Drew or call her the Spider instead of Spider-Woman. The Spider sounds more like a spy code name anyway, rather than Spider-Woman which sounds super heroic.

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