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Default Re: Joss Whedon developing Marvel SHIELD series for ABC

Okay......Colson really was dead......

But what was the last thing he did before dying?? Anyone remember?? He discharged an experimental weapon made from The Asgardian Destroyer.

No one knows fully what Asgardian energy can do to a human being if exposed to it's radiation at close range......

So yes.....Let's say Colson died (so it won't seem cheap if it's a LMD) Fury also believes him to be dead. They take his body down to the morgue.

The battle for New York begins (in the Avengers Movie).......while that is going on. Fury gets a call from the morgue that a strange glow is seen on Colson's stab wound....and there was hand movement.

Fury bolts down to the lab where they have just moved the body.....vital signs are getting stronger. No one knows why.....But there is no time to figure it out because NY is under full attack and Fury has to get back to it!

His orders to the lab techs is to keep this under wraps. He still wants to use this to push the Avengers and does not want that edge lost.

So he still plays the "dead Colson" card. Meanwhile they deduce the radiation in his chest is the same radiation from the weapon......mystical Asgardian energy.....

Fury sees big possibilities with a new energy source....


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