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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

Originally Posted by BatmanFanboy View Post
People, don't you see the hypocrisy here? Saying TDKR sucks as if its a fact on a freakin Batman forum is insulting and trolling in itself. So the Killing Joke sucks now because Its not an animated series? I'm just getting singled out cause this thread is populated by Beyond fans who made a point to be rude about it in the first place. Just like everyone turned on Burton, then Nolan, and now Frank Millers take on Batman. It's just sad and unfair
Please, people turned on Frank Miller when he went insane and started writing his contrived crap like Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder.

Anyway, my vote goes to neither. In order, my preference of Batman futures goes:

Batman #700
Kingdom Come
Batman Beyond
Dark Knight Returns

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