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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I too have read the script for X2. And Like I said before Halle was contractually obliged to return for X2. She had to give up the lead role in Gigli (thank God!) to honour her commitments to the movie. She would have had no pull on anything as she still had to appear in the movie. The reason Storm got slightly more to do was because of her Oscar win. She got more exposure and that is why she got a bigger role. They had to justify putting her front and center on their
What you said makes no sense your saying she had no pull but got more pull just because they promoted her prominently? This did not stop them for the first movie when she was promoted just as much. She had pull. End of story.

Its funny how you say X2 made improvements to Storm's character and yet you complain that Halle stole Famke's lines and demanded a bigger role etc etc. Thing is if Halle had not become a bigger star between X1 and X2 then storm would have had very little to do in the movies. Singer has made no secret of how much he dislikes Storm as a character.

Also Singer's X3 would have focused on wolverine, cyclops, jean, prof X, Mags and his brotherhood as well as Emma frost and the hellfire club. Storm was going to be little more than a cameo role. Singer wanted to right his wrongs with Scott but I guarantee if we had had Singer's X3 Storm would have been the character done the least justice in the movies and not Cyclops.
You misunderstand me her arc in X2 was there before she stole Famke's lines and just because you aren't the main focus doesn't mean you wont be important to the story. Ie Nightcrawler in X2.

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