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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I'd imagine her movie being more down to Earth with enemies like Hydra and AIM, and and her supporting cast would be the likes of Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Hydra agents, SHIELD agents, politicians, government assassins, sort of like the Bourne movies. I wouldn't, personally, have her have any other super powered allies (at least in the 1st movie) and her enemy would be some super powered terrorist like Viper or (Who is a memorable Spider-Woman enemy who can be linked to Hydra?) Oh, Grim Reaper. That could also lead to connections with the Avengers, to show its part of their world. Just a part they don't exactly get into a lot. Grim Reaper could be a Hydra terrorist. (Or who else?)

And as for the name Arachnia sounds good, her code names could be The Spider and Arachnia. the movie could be Jessica Drew: the Spider. Or Jessica Drew, Code Name: Aracnhia. Something like that. In the movie Her code name could be Arachnia or the Spider and she can be called that and referred to as that but also caled Jessica and Agent Drew (imagine like they did with James Bond: 007)

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