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Default Re: Phase II and the UK

I just read the actual story behind Captain Britain's creation. Marvel wanted to extend their comics to overseas by starting a line of new Marvel comics in England instead of simply reprinting old titles. So they thought a character like Captain America who represented England would help. Unfortunately no one at Marvel was from England or lived there, they were all based in America. So the character was created by Americans. The stories were written by Americans.
Later on English writers and artists like Alan Moore and Chris Claremont and especially Alan Davis would take over and reboot him. Alan Moore joked that his old design, with the yellow lion symbol was something they branded on choice eggs or something. So Davis remodeled him to be a lumbering Brock Samson type, actually based more on a comic strip character Davis liked. And he was written to be a good guy who sometimes was an idiot, but still had good intentions.

But long story short Captain Britain was actually created to be England's Captain America.
I just never knew he actually was. I thought those similarities were coincidence and joked about like Deadpool and Spider-Man.

It might actually be interesting to weave that idea into the film somehow. I mean without saying it outright. Very subtly putting that concept into the movie in some small and unnoticeable way maybe.

I would love it to be like Hot Fuzz or Shawn of the Dead, a British movie staring British actors and written by British writers with very British jokes and references and backdrops. (Shawn of the Dead had a joke about the ice cream treats they ate and American audiences didn't get it, but apparently it was very funny according to Simon Pegg, so the included it in Hot Fuzz too.)

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