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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Thanks for the info man, I thought there must be some story to it. It does seem like a good choice of club for Pep and also like a club where he can hones his craft further before moving to the prem as he waits for the two old stagers to retire.
I have the feeling it's sort of a filler move until the opportunity comes for him to get the move he really wants. Bayern are already an excellent footballing team, and I reckon he'll only need 2-3 possible signings at most. It'll be interesting to see if he implements the 'tiki-taka' style there and how they take to it.

I could see it, I wonder if Pep and Mourinho are destined to be the next United and Arsenal managers and are biding their time.
I've resigned myself to the fact that we will not replace Wenger when the time comes with an elite manager, but rather with an unknown and/or unproven entity, or someone internally.

So he has signed for the rest of the season and next? That seems like merely putting off the inevitable, unless Walcott has found that there aren't has many hot to sign him as he thought.
Nah, he's signed a 3 and a half year deal. He's probably had a change of heart as his potential suitors seemingly had no intention of giving him the CF/ST role he so deeply craves. I'm just annoyed that we allowed, of all players, Flash Gump to bend us over and kneel to his and his entourage's demands, while allowing so many 'better' players to leave without a fight before him. It also annoys me that this dweeb is now the highest paid player at the club, when on current status if anyone should be, it's Wilshere.

I just hope we will still be looking for quality attacking additions rather than just making do with this guy now.

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