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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

I understand, and not mad at all with you for saying that, however he has been rude to both of us now on several occasions with absolutely no call for it, and that is how I see it (I wont speak for AM since I am not she). If he wanted to contribute or talk about something he'd do it, not just come in here to make snide one line remarks about what we are talking about or accuse us of being plants or the same person, among other things. No call for it at all. He knows how to type, he knows how to hit reply, no reason he can't post something that actually contributes to the thread in an amiable fashion, and it's not even necessary to read our posts at all to do that, but it does not appear to me that's what he wants to do at all.

If people want to put forth an idea, and ignore our ramblings or longer posts, that's fine, but we have every right to be here and chat away with long posts or short posts about whatever Thor 2 plot related topic we want. That's what this thread is here for. Otherwise if I have to keep my more in depth posts to PM with American Maid, then I'm afraid I'm going to need more than 200 message space! (have already hit that numerous times and have had to delete, delete, delete! It's painful when I have to do that! )

To get back on topic, so we have deduced from the clapper scene numbers, that

Scene 80: The Iceland Waterfall

Scene 128: Dark Elves arrive and/or Thor vs. Dark Elves

Scene 137: Thor vs Malekith by the column

For those not reading all our other posts, this seems to put Jane back on Midgard, and Thor fighting Dark Elves and Malekith in the beginning of the last 1/3 of the film (comparing with Thor 1 and Avengers), with travelling to the Waterfall being much earlier.


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